Golden Gate Bridge, 2737 m long with a span of 1280 m opened in 1937

The first cable car was introduced in 1873

Fishermans Wharf with Alcatraz prison in the background. Alcatraz was used between 1934 to 1963 and it´s most famous prison was Al Capone

Chinatown, the largest chinatown outside Asia

The seals on Pier 39

There are plenty of steep streets in San Francisco

Cheesecake at Macy´s

Going to Mariposa

These big trees may reach an age between 3-4000 years and the biggest specimen is measured at 83,8 meters

Yosemite National Park with the famous Half Dome seen in the background

Feels like the wild west

Lake Tahoe

Napa sign

Vineyard in Napa Valley

The small scenic town Sausalito at the foot of Golden Gate Bridge

Leaving Golden Gate for Highway 1

Coastline south of San Francisco

Close at Highway 1

Highway 1 south of San Francisco

Time for coffee and gas

You can´t get enough of these views

Santa Barbara seen from the pier

Hearst Castle was built by the newspaper mogul William Randolph Hearst with beginning 1932. In 1957 it was donated to the State of California.

The Indoor Roman Pool at Hearst Castle

There is something special with american traffic signs

Venice Beach LA

Downtown LA


The Sign

Our hotel in Las Vegas

Serendipitys with Bellagio in the background

The strip

There are many copies of famous buildings in Las Vegas

Hoover Dam built 1931-1935 in the Black Canyon of the Colorado River on the border between the states Nevada and Arizona

Grand Canyon is carved by the Colorado River in the state of Arizona. It´s 446 km long and up to 29 km wide. The deepest point is 1800 meter. In 1979 it became a World Heritage

At sunset the scenery changes every minute

Grand Canyon seen from the South Rim

The small town Williams at Route 66

Interior from a historical service station

Part of the original Route 66 seen to the left

Typical building from the old part of New Mexico´s capital city of Santa Fe

Rural view north of Santa Fe

Fastfood station

Going to Sidney Nebraska

Earley winter in Nebraska

Pony Express Station

Rural road in Iowa

Transport wing for wind turbines

Bishop Hill was founded by the spiritual leader Erik Jansson who left Sweden in 1846 with 400 followers.

Willis Tower Chicago

View from Willis Tower

Spectacular building in Chicago

Take it easy when you pass a road construction site

Rainbow Bridge going from Canada to USA

Niagara Falls on the american side

The Horse Shoe Falls

It´s not a bomb, it´s the falls

Going to Appalacherna

Amish celebration. Amish don´t have churches so they gather in their homes

Amish buggy. You can read a lot about amish in

Arriving to NY through the Holland Tunnel

NY skyline

Gospel in a Harlem Church

Resting on Times Square

Central Park seen from Rockefeller Center

NY from Rockefeller Center

Little Italy

Ground Zero

Street perfomance

Photos from crossing USA autumn 2013