Sri Lanka

Volunteering in a Sri Lankan monestry

The artificial Kandy Lake built 1803-1807

Part of the Temple of the Toth of Buddha

Dancers at the Culture center in Kandy

All students wear white school uniform.

Cricket is the national sport in Sri Lanka

White House bakery in Kandy with the owner of this homepage seen in the mirror

Ceremony at the Sacred City of Anuradhapura which is one of Sri Lanka`s eight World Heritage

Ceremony at the sacred city Anuradhapura

Less than two hours from Anuradhapura you can see this World Heritage

The spectacular 380 m high Sigirya rock where the gardens and the palaces were built 500 years AD and after it was a monastery to 1300 AD when it was abandoned

Original fresco inside a cave in Sigirya

Another World Heritage is the Golden Temple of Dambulla not far from Sigirya

Going with the local bus to my volunteering project. The buses were not first class but the drivers were. Every day I thought, I hope I will stay alive for another day.

The monastery where I was volunteering.

Painting walls

In my spare time I had much to see in Sri Lanka. Here is a tea plantation on the way to Nuwara Eliya.

Tea factory

This furnaces is used for drying the tea leaves

Luxury villas in Nuwara Eliya

You can find almost all fruits and vegetables in Sri Lanka

Today 300 million tons of tea is produced in Sri Lanka. Only China, India and Kenya produces more

Vegetable vendor

Sri Lanka´s Central Highlands is another World Heritage and this 870 high cliff is called World´s End and is located in Horton Plains

Walking around in Horton Plains feels like being in Scotland

To go by train is one of the highligts in Sri Lanka. It´s cheap, slow and you will meet people and see a lot of beautiful views

Picking coconuts

Seems to be lucky boys

A funny way to fish. Usually the piles are placed in the water but this is a kind of touristic fishermen

In 2006 the Blue Whales were seen in Mirissa for the first time and after that whalewatching has become a big industry there. From november to april runs about ten boats out every day with tourists

Japanese whalewatcher

Blue whale seen in the Indian Ocean at Mirissa. If you will be sure to se a blue whale Mirissa is one of the best places in the World. In december 2013 fiftyseven whales were seen in one day

Sperm whales

You have to be quick to catch this picture of the Blue Whale

Evening at the beach in Mirissa

Fishermen at Negombo

And here you can taste the fish

Sweden is seven times bigger than Sri Lanka but has half as many residents

Here is some photos from my volunteering month march 2014