Good to know when you are going to Japan

From Narita Airport to Tokyo Station, 70 km, about one hour

Our hotel in Tokyo

Night view from our hotel

The tunnel from Odaiba

Quite surprisingly to see Statue of Liberty in Tokyo. Located on the artificial Island Odaiba

The spectacular shopping mall Venus Fort Odaiba www.youtube.com/watch?v=vH2PtnDp5J0

Street view near Shinbashi

Nijubashi Bridge at The Imperial Palace Garden

Street view from Shibuya

Shibuya in the evening

Part of Tokyo seen from Odaiba

Japanese efficiency seen on a parking lot

On our way to Mt Fuji, about 150 km from Tokyo

The iconic Mt Fuji, 3776 m. This extinct volcano had its last eruption 1707 A.D

Going from Tokyo to Kyoto, 460 km 2 hours 18 min

Kyoto lorry

Nijo castle in Kyoto

The castle was designad by the shogun Tokugawa Ieyasu who lived between 1543 to 1616 A.D

Part of Nijo´s garden

Geishas at Nijo Garden

Cherry Blossom is a big thing for photographers. Here in the Imperial Garden in Kyoto

Kyoto market

Shinto and Buddhism is the main religions but some people are Christians

Which train goes to Fushimi Inari

The entrance to Fushimi Inari , southwest of Kyoto

Thousands of tories, donated by businessmen, on the way to the top of the mountain Inariyamakanyuchi

Holy water at Fushimi Inari

Geishas at Fushimi Inari

Kamo River with Pontocho in the background

Modern geishas

Sometimes you have to make your own food

Hiroshima from our hotel, Mitsui Garden Hotel

Street view from Hiroshima

Dogs for sale

Going to Miyajima Island. World Heritage outside Hiroshima

The floating Tori at Miyajima. This is supposed to be the most photographed view in Japan

The tame deer are found all over the island

The Atomic Bomb Dome, the only remaining building from the area where the nuclear bomb exploded in aug 6 1945

Bell of peace

Memorial monument for Hiroshima

Going to Kanazawa

View from Shinkansen near Kanazawa

Kanazawa railway station

Kenrokuen Garden in Kanazawa

Cherry Blossom in Kenrokuen Garden

Kanazawa Market

Japans North Alphs near Takayama

Miyagawa river

Staying at the small ryokan Hotakaso Yama No Iori

The dining room in the ryokan

Takayama street

Miya River in Takayama

24 march near Takayana

Shinkansen coming to Toyama

View from Shinkansen near Itoigawa

Mountains near Nagano

Tokyo Suburbs

Japan is eightyfour percent of Sweden´s area but has thirtheen times as many habitants

Photos from march 2015