It´s a long journey from Amsterdam to Lima, 12 hours 40 minutes

Coastal view from Miraflores to the Pacific

Plaza de Armas in Lima

As almost everywhere there is a China Town in Lima as well

This 36 year old bus will take us around most part of Peru

The oasis Huacachina close to Ica

Buggydriving in the desert

Staying overnight in the desert

View close to Puerto Inca

Pink Caravan staying overnight at Puerto Inca

There are many spectalucar views when you go from Puerto Inca to Camana. All time close to the Pacific.


Another spectacular view in Peru. This is close to Arequipa

The monastry Santa Catalina, founded 1579, less than 40 years after the Spanish arrived to Arequipa. In 1958 and 1960 the monastry was damaged by earthquakes. It was restored and open for the public in1970.

In Fabrica Incalpaca Arequipa you can learn a lot about lama animal.

Plaza de Armas in Arequipa.

Part of Chivay in the Colca valley who is known as one of the deepest canyons in the world and where you can see condors most days throughout the year

Partying with the dead

Condor in Colca Canyon


Llamas in Reserva Nacional Salinas Aguada

Peruvian snack bar in Puno

Compared with the largest lake in Sweden, Vänern, 5650 km2

In the Titicaca lake people are living on islands built of reeds

In some islands people make their living by selling own manufactured items to tourists. People on more remote islands are not interested in being visited by tourists

Carnival in Puno

Going from Puno to Cusco

Lunh and shopping at Les Desea Feliz Viaje

Plaza de Armas in Cusco

Plaza de Armas and part of Cusco

Sunday market in Pisac

Musicians in Pisac

The train from Ollantaytambo to Machu Picchu Pueblo

Machu Picchu, one of the most wellknown World Heritages visited by 4000 people per day, transported by small buses from Machu Picchu Pueblo

Machu Picchu is voted one of the Worlds Seven New Wonders. It was built by 6000 men from 1430 and was abandoned 1532 when the Incas was afraid that the Spanish would take the city.

Courtyard in Cusco

Indigenous people show their craftmanship at Plaza de Armas

Inca warrior in Cusco

Courtyard in Cusco

Street performers in Nasca

Bus breakfast at our hotel in Nasca

One of Peru´s twelve World Heritage

Part of the Nasca lines seen from the tower.

Tourist information in Paracas. From this small town 250 km south of Lima you can go to the Ballestas Islands and see seals, penguins and a lot of different birds.

And a lot of pelicans you can see as well.

In the daytime the seals are resting.

Peru is almost three times larger than Sweden and has three times as many inhabitants

Photos from my trip to Peru oct-nov 2015