Great Britain

Canal in Birmingham, the second largest city in England

The spectacular library in Birmingham

Birmingham celebrities

Our startingpoint in Tardebigge, a few miles south of Birmingham

Interior of our boat, 48 feet long, 6 feet wide

Our first overnight at Alvechurch

We are never far from the nearest pub, this one about 150 yards

And we are never far from the nearest bridge

Kings Norton Pub

The Brandwood Tunnel, 275 yards

Expansion of channels began in the late 1700s but was driven out of the railroad about 100 years later

Construction of locks made the expansion possible

From Tardebigge to Stratford there are 42 locks

It´s not hard work but it takes time to get through

Shirley Drawbridge

Going to Birmingham

Going through the Wast Hill Tunnel, 2726 yards long

Going from England to Wales

The Welsh coastal town, Fishguard

Welsh coastline

This kind of treetunnels are quite numerous in England and Wales

The old town Bakewell in Peak District. Most of the the town was founded in the 13th century but the church was founded as early as 920.

The English people is said to be conservative but this seems to be to much

A windy day at the English seaside resort Blackpool

Street view from Blackpool

This could be directly downloaded from any English TV-series

Stonewalls in Lake District

View from Lake District

View from Lake District

Scottish view

Scottish view

Scottish view

Scottish view

Scottish view

The excellent B&B Sorbietrees in Newcastleton

Sorbietree bathroom

Scottish road

The 120 km long Hadrianus Wall close to the Scottish border. It was built by the Romans starting 122 A.D.

The small town Richmond in North Yorkshire

This could be the right way to prevent global warming

The small market town Bawtry in South Yorkshire

City center in Lincoln. The origins of the city can be traced to the Iron Age

There are stores like this that make English cities so pleasant

B&B near Bath

Typical pub in Bath

Bath chimneys

The hot springs in the valley of River Avon was the reason that the Romans built the city Bath. Bath became a World Heritage Site in 1987

One of England´s most popular tourist attractions


Highclere Castle or as it is known in TV, Downtown Abbey

Part of Windsor Castle

Windsor Castle

The road to Windsor Castle

Windsor is a city 35 km west of central London and is known for Windows Castle, the oldest and largest inhabited castle in the world

GB consists of England 130000 km2, Scotland 79000 km2, Wales 21000 km2 and Ireland 14000 km2

Photos from my travelling in GB august 2014